​Hii readers! How are you doing? I’m doing good (if ya want to know, if no? ok, ignore). 😄

This is my first time writting using Youtube’s content. But I think this is make sense, before video blog appears, there was written blog firstly. I hope y’all enjoy this new content and I’m trying to write this content every month routinely.

I know this article pretty earlier, but I think I’ll keep my fave things ’till this month end before something new appears.

                                                    A U G U S T        F A V O R I T E S

M a k e    u p

  • Purbasari Lipstick Matte 81

I know this lipstick on July from my ‘kekinian’ gurls squad and love it immediately. I purchased it in the end of July and I would make a review soon.

S k i n    C a r e

  • Purbasari Lulur Putih (Whitening Body Scrub)

This scrub such an old trusted things in my family’s skin care. It never disappoints us. It is work to clear your skin from grime.

  • Garnier Yoghurt Sleeping Mask

This is my life saver every night when my face feels like sun burnt, and become my skincare night routine. Super moisturizering my skin face. 👍
Also read: Burnt Face? How to Return?

cr: jenarilk (i forget use cr on pict)

C l o t h e s

  • Overall sleepy cat

I got this overall from Store, I foget where it was. Sorry. 😔

I haven’t had an ootd pict of this overall. I’ll take it very soon.
  • Croptop wonder

I bought this tee when I was 5th grade (now I’m 11th grade in SHS). Has been saving since the first time I wore it and I found this tee on my wardrobe and accidentaly wore it almost once every 2 days. Look at my IG’s post, compare it. I wore the same tee at the picture. Lol. I like it.

S h o e s

  • Yongki Komaladi

I’ll explain this on August Haul post very 🔜.

Silver casual sandals 

B o o k s

  • The Sun Is Also The Star

I want to make a review as soon as possible.

This is my photo
  • Miiko Volume 28

I bought it on bazaar. And I regret. But I love the stories!

Also read: Bought Hijacked Comics: Miiko Vol. 28

A p p s 

  • Spotify

Of course I know this app before this month, but didn’t really like it. But I got the premium pack of spotify for free so yeah I use this app again bcs why not. 😆

  • Planoly

This app helps me to solve my problem about my feeds on instagram.

M u s i c

These are random musics that I’ve been listening for 999+ times.

  • Mama – Jonas Blue ft. William Sings
  • I’m the one – Justin Bieber ft. DJ Khaled
  • Hold you – JFlow ft. Fathia Izzati ft.Jeia

Okay, finally I think that’s it for august favorites. If you like something on my august faves, let me know by the comment down below!


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Hell-o! Tak kenal maka tak sayang, kenalan dulu siapa tau bisa sayang. XD People said, “the best teacher is experience.” And I'm a curious teenager, will change it into a story on my blog. Pencari passion dari berbagai hobi mulai dari belajar, membaca, menulis, main musik, nyanyi, travelling, dan beberapa passion terpendam lainnya. haha. Seorang remaja yang penasaran akan banyak hal. Aku berharap kalian bisa terinspirasi dari setiap tulisan yang ada di blog kecilku ini! Keep in touch with me yang suka nyasar ke instagram: @jenariii and twitter: @jenarilk1

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