August Haul

Okay, this is it.

As my promise, I’ll write my august haul, which is my second article inspired by youtube content videos. And also my first article from monthly haul category on my blog. Hope you enjoy xx

The first thing that I remember I’ve bought is..

Hijacked Comic: Miiko Vol. 28

This book only IDR 10K if you wanna know. I’ve written the story, you can check my post on here.

Mecanic Pencil

I accidentaly bought this pencil when I hunted my bestie’s gift. This pencil is so adorable and so so comfy and of course so achievable it was only IDR 4K. I actually  bought 2 and the other I gave to my lovely bestie 💝 So we’re twinning 👯

Correction Pen

This correction pen a.k.a tipe x (idk why we call it like that 😂) is very eye catched me when I was in bookstore. It looks so damn cute. They also have another series of fruit like strawberry, banana,and kiwi. I choosed kiwi, because of the gorgeus cover correction pen ever. Lol.

Yongki Komaladi Silver Slippers

I really love them❤😂 They’re so cute. These slippers are comfiest ever. And I bought it tobe my partner to go to church. Y’all don’t know how hard to find a great shoes/slippers/heels for me. My mom says like,“you have a super big foot, so you can’t find a really great shoes for your baboon foot.” WHAT? I DON’T CARE I FOUND MY SHOESMATE OK BYE MOM.

P.s i didn’t buy anything for my makeup stuff 😭😭

Okay I think that’s it for my monthly haul. I really suck about writting. I’m learning to make a great article. So please don’t judge me. Cmiiw and also let me know what you may like from my august haul by the comment down below, I really appreciate it.



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