My New Hobby: Drawing Art

Hello people! How are you doing?

Today I’m gonna share with you about my new hobby, through this article.

My new hobby that I’m going to explore is Drawing Art. For me, drawing art is draw with art and voila! Aesthetics. Lol. Simple.

Drawing is a form of visual art in which a person uses various drawing instruments to mark paper or another two-dimensionalmedium. (source: wikipedia)

I’ve been liking this hobby since 2 months ago. Through people on instagram, I saw a lot of artist shared their artwork. There’s a lot of illustration. So many people (artist) draw some Public Figure like singer, model, or even Selebstagram who have reach many people as their followers. And it’s really inspire me to do the same thing.

Somehow I’m always curious how they have done to make a great art. So, I decided to make my own artwork. I’m a person who choose to think first than make those stuffs. And it’s ended by overthinking and do nothing. And the idea that I got from over thinking was: I thought it was better to have a great account to show off all my artwork. The account can help me to gather all of my artwork in one. But the fact is I’ve made that account for 4 months but I can’t even make artwork routinely. 😔 For first 2 months, I only made 4 artworks. I don’t know about the quality, but to be honest, I just love 2 from those 4 artworks that I’ve made. Then for second 2 months I didn’t fill my artwork’s account with any content. 

Untill last night, I decided again to explore my passion in art. Inspired by Naela Ali; an illustrator, bookwritter of her illustration. And I really like her style of drawing; simple-minimalis-modern-tumblr-aesthetics.

I’ve found her from when I was searched book which using english for practice my language and found her newest book; Things & Thoughts I Drew When I Was Bored will be launching on Sept, 18th 2017. Can’t wait! But, I want to desclaimer that this post is not sponsored. I wrote this because I really like her! But I need someone endorse me 3 books of her, because I feel dilemma to choose one from three of her book that I will buy this month. 😣 Maybe I’ll choose Stories For Rainy Days Vol.2 because I love some illustration from that book morethan the others. Then I need to save my money to can buy SFRD Vol.1 and TaTIDWIWB next month. 🙏 I only buy one because I don’t have a lot of money. #butuhuangjajan #butuhpekerjaan #maudongjadifreelancer #hestekapaini

I want to  have motivation and spirit to explore my ideas just from my environment, just like Naela does. Idk it will be making me proud of myself or nah, but I will try to enjoy this hobby and explore more and practicing like there’s no tomorrow as Naela Ali said on her instagram.

Please give me your support by visit and give your feedback on my art page on instagram; @jenarilk I’ll be more productive on my artwork.


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