Makeup Of That Day! [Non Maskara]

It’s been a long time I didn’t write anything on my Blog since I felt insecure to write. Anxiety comes, I thought if I write on blog, I’ll share my plan. And boom. Hancur a.k.a failed, before I do something for it.

My plan was become a Beauty Blogger so here ya go, I made up. I was trying makeup 2 and 3 days ago, so my plan has done, become Beauty Guru is that simple babes, k bye. Lol.

Tbh I practice makeup to attend a event, I’m afraid if the Makeup Artist will feel stomach-ache when she must doing makeup on me 😦 So I can do my ownβ€”I have A big anxiety

When 2k18 New Year eve my makeup was effortless..

but look what I’ve made 2 days ago..

Terniat. So far, this is my heaviest makeup ever.

The product that I used:

Primer: Monistat

Foundation: Viva Foundation shade Kuning Langsat (murahan emang, tapi ini paling masuk sama warna kulit aku :’))

Concealer: Rimmel Stay Matte (Foundation) shade Classic Beige

Contour: Inez Contour and Correcting Cream shade 04 Dark

Highlighter & Eye Shadow: Inez Color Contour Plus Eye Shadow shade 07 Pattaya

Eyeliner: My Darling (?) The brand geus ilang, kabur dan pudar :’)

Lips: The Balm Matte Hughes shade Commited

Blush On: Kiss Beauty (I think this was my last time using it bcs almost enter to exp month so kirimin me blush on please :’))

Brows: Eye brow pencil idk the brand has faded :’)

Non maskara cuz mine is expired

What do you think? Should I make review of those product? Should I write on separated post? Comment down below what you guys think.

*) sorry for my bad grammar. Cmiiw.

Let’s be friends!




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