Makeup Of That Day! [Non Maskara]

It’s been a long time I didn’t write anything on my Blog since I felt insecure to write. Anxiety comes, I thought if I write on blog, I’ll share my plan. And boom. Hancur a.k.a failed, before I do something for it.

My plan was become a Beauty Blogger so here ya go, I made up. I was trying makeup 2 and 3 days ago, so my plan has done, become Beauty Guru is that simple babes, k bye. Lol.

Tbh I practice makeup to attend a event, I’m afraid if the Makeup Artist will feel stomach-ache when she must doing makeup on me 😦 So I can do my ownβ€”I have A big anxiety

When 2k18 New Year eve my makeup was effortless..

but look what I’ve made 2 days ago..

Terniat. So far, this is my heaviest makeup ever.

The product that I used:

Primer: Monistat

Foundation: Viva Foundation shade Kuning Langsat (murahan emang, tapi ini paling masuk sama warna kulit aku :’))

Concealer: Rimmel Stay Matte (Foundation) shade Classic Beige

Contour: Inez Contour and Correcting Cream shade 04 Dark

Highlighter & Eye Shadow: Inez Color Contour Plus Eye Shadow shade 07 Pattaya

Eyeliner: My Darling (?) The brand geus ilang, kabur dan pudar :’)

Lips: The Balm Matte Hughes shade Commited

Blush On: Kiss Beauty (I think this was my last time using it bcs almost enter to exp month so kirimin me blush on please :’))

Brows: Eye brow pencil idk the brand has faded :’)

Non maskara cuz mine is expired

What do you think? Should I make review of those product? Should I write on separated post? Comment down below what you guys think.

*) sorry for my bad grammar. Cmiiw.

Let’s be friends!



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Hell-o! Tak kenal maka tak sayang, kenalan dulu siapa tau bisa sayang. XD People said, β€œthe best teacher is experience.” And I'm a curious teenager, will change it into a story on my blog. Pencari passion dari berbagai hobi mulai dari belajar, membaca, menulis, main musik, nyanyi, travelling, dan beberapa passion terpendam lainnya. haha. Seorang remaja yang penasaran akan banyak hal. Aku berharap kalian bisa terinspirasi dari setiap tulisan yang ada di blog kecilku ini! Keep in touch with me yang suka nyasar ke instagram: @jenariii and twitter: @jenarilk1

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