Come back, School, Bookstagram ๐Ÿ˜š

Deg.. deg.. deg..

1.. 2.. 3.. !!!

Hi everyoneeeeee!

It’s been a long time no writting on here hehe

I won’t ask who has missed me? If you guys still remember me, I will feel so happy!! (No muluk muluk club). If you don’t follow me on my social media maybe you won’t know what was happening to me during my hiatus.

Let’s be truth..

This semester has been really hectic. I feel so damn frustased because of it (OK ini alasan). But I truly feeling regret because had to leave my blog for a really long time. Lazy is the most important reason that made me didn’t write here. Although during my hiatus I was mentioning by people about my blog, why I didn’t write anything kind of thing. But hell yeah I’m regretting that for myself.

But actually my life isn’t that bored with school work, and I never stop writing you know, I do really love writing! I’ve made another blog on other platform that is on Instagram. Basically it’s my new blog with book as its content. We call it Bookstagram mine you can find it HERE. The account actually made in 2015 but I changed the function into Bookstagram like around 3-4 months ago I forget, but I need to figure out to know when my Bookstaversarry. So far I really enjoy it, at least I got something useful from there ๐Ÿ˜‰

I just wanna greetings all of my lovely readers here, let’s talk what I’ve done during my hiatus on another written post later!





Published by jenari

Hell-o! Tak kenal maka tak sayang, kenalan dulu siapa tau bisa sayang. XD People said, โ€œthe best teacher is experience.โ€ And I'm a curious teenager, will change it into a story on my blog. Pencari passion dari berbagai hobi mulai dari belajar, membaca, menulis, main musik, nyanyi, travelling, dan beberapa passion terpendam lainnya. haha. Seorang remaja yang penasaran akan banyak hal. Aku berharap kalian bisa terinspirasi dari setiap tulisan yang ada di blog kecilku ini! Keep in touch with me yang suka nyasar ke instagram: @jenariii and twitter: @jenarilk1

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  1. Muncul juga akhirnya :โ€
    Ecie cie cie.. yang taun depan jadi mahasiswii. Aseklah. Moga kesibukan dan kerja kerasnya terbayar

    Btw link bookstagramnya nggak bisa jen. Kadung penasaran nih hmm

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