L A N G U A G E

Some articles are using English and Indonesia, open on web if you interest on it or just wanna read in different language. (translator already). 
But make sure your wordpress not in your own language, so the translator will work in yours. (especially Indonesian’s readers)

For example: an article is using English, you wanna read in Indonesia language. Because half of my articles is in Indonesia, so the translator will not work with. How to fix the problem? You must change your wordpress language on setting into English (if you haven’t already yet) and the translator will appear in Bahasa Indonesia.

B e a u t y

I’m not a beauty guru but I’m a beauty blogger. So please forgive me if I made something wrong on my articles about Beauty Make Up or Skin Care. But it will be more helping if you wanna tell the smth wrong and I will really appreciate it.